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Tasty Tasted Dream My Lovely Country (Aceh)

Diposting oleh Resty Maudina di 24.6.14
Okeeey ladies and gentlemen, finally Resty is back. Exam is over !!! hahahhahaha *devilstyle
You know what, when I was young, my life main goal is making some money and traveling around the world. Guess why ? because I wanna taste all halal, unique, traditional and modern dishes over the world, in every country. *what a big dream
Anyway, if it’s not big, it doesn’t mean a life goal right…..
Okey, you know I’m from Indonesia, and the first thing I’m gonna do when I’ve so much money, of course save it and go for tour to all part, all town, all province, all island in Indonesia with my lovely mom and I wish dad will make it too. And of course, in my spare time I’m gonna search some info and picture about all Indonesian tasty dishes, it’s nothing if I only know my lovely town tasty food. Then today I’ll show you my Indonesian dishes info posting.
*first thanking to all sources information I got while browsing and collecting info such google, wiki, itv, cnn*esp later posting south east asian* and others indonesian fellow blogs. I didn’t owned anything. And sorry for mistaken things I made *if*
Theeeen, lets check it out….


For the main menuuu >>>

Aceh fried crab noodle, it’s a special fried noodle fried with some spices suc as garlic, onions, taditional herb and fresh vegetables. You can ask for crab, shrimp, or beef on the top.

Asam keueng or masam keueung, it’s a spicy sour soup of fish, chicken, or beef.

Bu briani, it’s a steamed rice with some traditional spicies, seasonings with beef on the top. Served with acar, dalkan, dan kerupuk melinjo * its same with emping I guess.

Bu guri, it’s a coconut milk rice *like nasi uduk I guess*.

Catched chicken, its called ayam tangkap in aceh. It’s a fried chicken with traditional seasonings.

Eungkot kayee, it’s a sauteed tuna which has been boiled, dried, and cut before sauteed with coconut milk, potatoes, green chilies, and some spicies.

Kanji rumbi poridge, it’s a poridge mixed with traditional spicies receipt such as coriander, pepper, onion, pala seed and the sweet adas with chicken or prawn or well done egg on the top.

Kuah sie itek, it’s a gulai of duck with traditional seasonings.

Pelemak udang, it’s a coconut milk of prown that really seasoning.

Sambal udeung, it’s a prawn chilies paste made by soft grilled prawn, rawit chili, onions, starfruits and some spicies.

Satay matang, it’s a satay, some beef or chicket in a small shape stabbed in a stick.
The different with padang and madura satay is it used soto soup for the serving soup on the top.

Sie masak puteh, it’s a full of spicies and seasonings beef mixed with coconut milk.

Sie reuboh, it’s a vinegar boiled beef that heve been seasoned before.

Tumeh tirom, it’s an oyster sauteed with some green chilies, potatoes, sunti acid, and oyster itself.

For the meals and drink >>>

Adee meureudu

Badar rateuk, it’s a cake filled with green beans.

Banana sale or pisang sale, it’s a brownish peeled banana that have been dried below the sunshine, half baked, then marinated by the cane sugar.

Beulacan, it’s a baked banana leaves wrapped gratered seasoning coconut.

Boh itek masen, it’s a salty duck egg which being salt in traditional way. *its like telur asin I guess*

Bohromrom, it’s an oval cake made by the sticky rice filled by brown sugar with grater coconut on the top.

Bu gring, it’s a crispy oval cake made by sticky rice flour.

Dendeng aceh

Halwa breuh

Kembang loyang, it’s a mixtured flour by eggs, sugar, and coconut milk and put in the loyang kembang and fried.

Keukarah, it’s a crispy meals made by rice flour and some ingridients.

Keumamah, it’s a tuna that has been boiled, dried, cut in a small shape.

Khanduri apam, it’s a cake *like pancake I guess* but smeared by kuah tuhe on the top that contain some ingridients such coconut milk and cut banana.

Kue bhoi, it’s an aceh traditional variative cake such fish, star, flower shape.

Lepat, it’s a sticky rice dough filled by the brown sugar then wrapped with banana leaves and grater coconut in the center, sauteed with the sugar, and steamed.

Manisan pala

Meuseukat, it’s a pineapple dodol made by terigu flour and some traditional inggridients.

Peunajoh tho

Sanger, it’s an aceh coffee. *like cappucino I guess*



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