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Drugs generally contain narcotics,

physicotropics, and addictive compound. Mostly, drugs make the consumer addicted. Based on health proffessional, Drugs usually used for making the patient unconscious before operated or medicines for few deases certainly. However, some students using this drugs without doctor recommendation and use it over dosage. Strangely, teenager use drugs for some nonsense reason, such

decreasing heart painful ( if they had break up with their boyfriend ), giving happy sensation ( drugs in stimulant category ex, heroin, morfin, ganja ), releve stress after they had faced the difficult school test ( drugs in depresant category, ex, putaw ) afraid being called a lozer who didn’t want to try something new ( stupid student category ), to make them looking good, cool, popular (what’s ? ) absolutely not dude.

Ladies and gentlement, if we open our eyes wider it will give some bad effect, not only us, but also our family and our nation :

Physically :

It causes neurologys or nerve disfunction, heart deases especially kardiovasculer, dermatology or skin disorders, pulmo deases, often headache, nausea and trhow up, increase body temperature, insomnia difficult to sleep, decreasing hormon function, and over dosage can causes mortality.

In society :

He will be careless in doing something, often restless, unconfident. He will also show rebellious behavior and difficult to concentrate in teaching and learning proccess. Some of them will have a mental disorder, be excommunicated, making a trouble to family, education become disturbed, and will have a bleak future.

They will be a liar too. Ex, they will take his parent’s money secretly, steal it, only for fulfill his passionate. Or he will use his school payment to buy drugs.

It will also destroyed some of indonesia generation. We are the generation

of this nation, we will develop our country in the next future. But if we use drugs, no develop but destroyed this nation.

So, do not try drugs with reasons wanna try something new, there are some new positive activity we can do, such as bungee jumping, road off, surfing, hiking,

diving, doing any riset about something, or anything in positive. Do not destroyed our self as this nation generation, do not let drugs darked our bright future, do not let drugs takes all our cheerful life, do not let drugs makes any bad memories in our life. So, as the good teenager, as the good student, as the good generation,

let’s stay away from drugs and eradicate drugs. Drugs, no way !


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