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Nah this is the pic of Fugu Food, looking yummy

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1. Baked Fugu

2. Fugu Kara : age Battered and deep fried

3. Fugu-sashi : Thinly sliced raw fugu

4. Fugu-chiri : Vegetables and fugu simmered in soup in a large pot

wanna try, wanna try, wanna tryyyyy :*

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Hi blogger, when i was browsing all about food, i found this scary fact

" funny but poisonous fish can be eaten"

Bloated Fish

Hayooo, when we heard this name, absolutely there’s someone (fish) who is fat or even bloated in our mind right. Hahahha

Tetraodontidae that’s what biology scientist called them. Mollusc is their daily food. This bloated fish was believed as the second toxic vertebrate after Golden Poison Frog.

The Poison Part of Fugu is on their heart or even their skin. The toxic called Tetrodotoksin (TTX). This toxic will give bad effect or reaction to the victim surrounding half an hour. The symptomp starts such “wanna throuw up “ feeling, then nerve disfunction such “ itchy surrounding lips, foot, and hand”, then difficult to respiration or take a breath and died.

Huuuuaaaa, how scary the symptomp is !!

However, this fugu meat has been used for delicious food in Japan ( called河豚 fugu in spelling), Korea (called bok) and Cina (called 河豚 he2 tun2).

(Nah, how could this scary dangerous toxic fish can be eaten ? ) only Japan, Korea, and China Chef knows how.

Only certificate chef which allowed changes this poison fish into delicious food. Nah because of that, this fugu is very expensive. One of Osaka Resto in China selled this food surrounding 10.500 yen or Rp.840.000.

sources : from all sources i've found

(It’s too expensive for a lunch, but if I have a chance to have a holiday in Korea, absolutely I wanna try this Fugu :* :*)

Kamis, 16 Februari 2012


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hmmm, i give this award to my TRIO BEST FRIEND who makes my life become fun, who will tell my my faults in private, who knows exactly what i'm saying without any talking, who always be in my side when there's no one wanna hear my complaints and encourage me to toughen up. :D
1. Marchel
2. Deza
3. Rheta

Sabtu, 11 Februari 2012


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my deepest condolences to the great Whitney Houston

the amid heightened tension between Iran and the West over Iran's nuclear program.

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Guys, I bring this topic because i was excited when i heard "the cold hostility between Iran and A.S". when i read some brief news in directly i write this post.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced Saturday that the nation will reveal "several major achievements in the nuclear domain" within days, state media reported.
In the near future, Iran's nuclear demands will be met by the nation's scientists, Ahmadinejad said at the Tehran event broadcast on Press TV
"Today you see that the Iranian nation has become nuclear and can supply many of its demands," he said. "And God willing, in next few days, the whole world will witness the inauguration of several major achievements in the nuclear domain.
The news comes amid heightened tension between Iran and the West over its nuclear program.
The West believes Tehran may be trying to develop nuclear weapons, but Iran has long maintained that its nuclear program is solely for civilian energy production.
Tensions hit a boiling point weeks ago when Iran conducted military exercises in the Persian Gulf after threatening to close the Strait of Hormuz, a crucial shipping lane for oil.
Iran's threat followed tough sanctions from Western nations aimed at stopping its suspected nuclear weapons program.

Jumat, 10 Februari 2012

Yes, i'm a fat crybaby girl

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# kw cewek tercantik di dunia, juara 1, anak bright a, sok imut, anak P***** D***, dan phisik kw tuu ...... #

* yes i know, i'm not a beautiful girl, not a smart girl, or even i don't have any right to said that i'm a cute girl, don't worry i will not do the same thing ( said that i'm cute ) but now i just wanna all peoples know, i did that, only for support myself, to entertain myself, to say to myself that it's okey if i'm not beautiful. only that !!! and now i know, bad tempered or offense is one of my bad behavior.

* thanks for all these scars word #, it's make me realize that i have to change my own habbit.
right now, no cry, no spoiled, no sensitive, no smile or even no cheerful i'm not cute at all, be more mature. i just wanna said i can't hold my tears anymore, don't blame me if my tears are coming out. let me throw out these tears for the last time.

wanna try some ?

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hahahha, guys, i've just read some articles included strange food. i also got some food of insects on wawh33d. thanks wawh33d. this is the dis******* food. hahaha.
Witchetty belatung
Nah, it looks delicious right ? but do you know, it was made by moth larvae,
maggot,bark beetle, its the main food by Aborigin DIETers in Australia. it contain so many protein and can be eaten baked or crude.

do you wanna try it ? hiiaaaksss. hahahaha

Sabtu, 04 Februari 2012

speech "Teenager Behavior" by Resty Maudina

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*again* karna tuntutan, gw bikin pidato lg. tapi kali ini di bantuin tmen gw bkin indo vers. hahahaha, finnally i've perfomed yesterday. hope i could be the winner. :D

Asalamualaikum wr.wb

Good afternoon ladies and gentleman

Let me introduce my self, my name is Resty Maudina S, I am from eleven science one.

The honorable the judges, the honorable the audience, and all my beloved friends. First of all we have to give thanks to our God, because of God’s blessing we can gather here today. And also thank you for the oppurtunity that given to me, today I will deliver a speech to you. The tittle is “TEENAGER BEHAVIOR”.

The creating of teenager behavior is depend on the environment surrounding them. If they grow up in a good environment, they will have a good behavior. meanwhile if they grow up in a bad behavior, they will have a negative attitude.

As a smart teenager, we have to be able to choose a good friends. A good friend, is a friend who can support and motivate us in a good direction. If we choose a bad friend, she will spread her bad attitude to us, so we will have a negative behavior too.

Naughty teenager usually were affected by dome factors included family. Children who grew up in a broken home will be more rude and wanna try something new to do but in negative things such as smoke, free sex or even using drugs. That’s awfull, it doesn’t give us anything. If we make a friendship with them, I believe we probably wanna try to do the same thing and got into worst direction.

Another example, if a girl wanna be a popular girl in her school, she will join popular “geng” in her school. They said she has to upgrade her style like them. Of course, She will try to do anything to upgrade her style, although it doesn’t suit with her badget. So ? so she will try to take the money from their parents secretly only for fulfill her style.

Ladies and gentleman,

Therefore, as a good teenager, we have to be smarter to choose a friend, don’t let them bring us in a worst direction, because your FUTURE IS DEPEND ON YOUR FRIENDS AND YOUR ENVIRONMENT.

That’s all, thank you for your attantion, wasallam.

ya Allah, i wish i could get the best one.

finally, i'm the winner of this year speech contest among the students in my school.

Kamis, 02 Februari 2012

Alhamdulillah Ya

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finally, we only got second rank on ICT lcc last tuesday.

Deza - Marchel - Resty

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Deza - Marchel - Rheta - Resty

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