Jumat, 10 Februari 2012

Yes, i'm a fat crybaby girl

Diposting oleh Resty Maudina di 10.2.12

# kw cewek tercantik di dunia, juara 1, anak bright a, sok imut, anak P***** D***, dan phisik kw tuu ...... #

* yes i know, i'm not a beautiful girl, not a smart girl, or even i don't have any right to said that i'm a cute girl, don't worry i will not do the same thing ( said that i'm cute ) but now i just wanna all peoples know, i did that, only for support myself, to entertain myself, to say to myself that it's okey if i'm not beautiful. only that !!! and now i know, bad tempered or offense is one of my bad behavior.

* thanks for all these scars word #, it's make me realize that i have to change my own habbit.
right now, no cry, no spoiled, no sensitive, no smile or even no cheerful i'm not cute at all, be more mature. i just wanna said i can't hold my tears anymore, don't blame me if my tears are coming out. let me throw out these tears for the last time.

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