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wanna try, wanna try, wanna tryyyyy :*

Diposting oleh Resty Maudina di 25.2.12

Hi blogger, when i was browsing all about food, i found this scary fact

" funny but poisonous fish can be eaten"

Bloated Fish

Hayooo, when we heard this name, absolutely there’s someone (fish) who is fat or even bloated in our mind right. Hahahha

Tetraodontidae that’s what biology scientist called them. Mollusc is their daily food. This bloated fish was believed as the second toxic vertebrate after Golden Poison Frog.

The Poison Part of Fugu is on their heart or even their skin. The toxic called Tetrodotoksin (TTX). This toxic will give bad effect or reaction to the victim surrounding half an hour. The symptomp starts such “wanna throuw up “ feeling, then nerve disfunction such “ itchy surrounding lips, foot, and hand”, then difficult to respiration or take a breath and died.

Huuuuaaaa, how scary the symptomp is !!

However, this fugu meat has been used for delicious food in Japan ( called河豚 fugu in spelling), Korea (called bok) and Cina (called 河豚 he2 tun2).

(Nah, how could this scary dangerous toxic fish can be eaten ? ) only Japan, Korea, and China Chef knows how.

Only certificate chef which allowed changes this poison fish into delicious food. Nah because of that, this fugu is very expensive. One of Osaka Resto in China selled this food surrounding 10.500 yen or Rp.840.000.

sources : from all sources i've found

(It’s too expensive for a lunch, but if I have a chance to have a holiday in Korea, absolutely I wanna try this Fugu :* :*)

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Dezavrillius on 26 Februari 2012 04.34 mengatakan...

hmm.. kayaknya ini terinsipirasi dari ejekan anak2 sekelas lah.. :P

rasthi cute on 26 Februari 2012 07.16 mengatakan...

whoi choy, apaaa ? ejekan anak2 skelas ?
huahahhaha, idag (salah lagi)
ya nggak donks, berdasarkan hasil browsing2 gw ttg makanan.:D

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