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speech "Teenager Behavior" by Resty Maudina

Diposting oleh Resty Maudina di 4.2.12
*again* karna tuntutan, gw bikin pidato lg. tapi kali ini di bantuin tmen gw bkin indo vers. hahahaha, finnally i've perfomed yesterday. hope i could be the winner. :D

Asalamualaikum wr.wb

Good afternoon ladies and gentleman

Let me introduce my self, my name is Resty Maudina S, I am from eleven science one.

The honorable the judges, the honorable the audience, and all my beloved friends. First of all we have to give thanks to our God, because of God’s blessing we can gather here today. And also thank you for the oppurtunity that given to me, today I will deliver a speech to you. The tittle is “TEENAGER BEHAVIOR”.

The creating of teenager behavior is depend on the environment surrounding them. If they grow up in a good environment, they will have a good behavior. meanwhile if they grow up in a bad behavior, they will have a negative attitude.

As a smart teenager, we have to be able to choose a good friends. A good friend, is a friend who can support and motivate us in a good direction. If we choose a bad friend, she will spread her bad attitude to us, so we will have a negative behavior too.

Naughty teenager usually were affected by dome factors included family. Children who grew up in a broken home will be more rude and wanna try something new to do but in negative things such as smoke, free sex or even using drugs. That’s awfull, it doesn’t give us anything. If we make a friendship with them, I believe we probably wanna try to do the same thing and got into worst direction.

Another example, if a girl wanna be a popular girl in her school, she will join popular “geng” in her school. They said she has to upgrade her style like them. Of course, She will try to do anything to upgrade her style, although it doesn’t suit with her badget. So ? so she will try to take the money from their parents secretly only for fulfill her style.

Ladies and gentleman,

Therefore, as a good teenager, we have to be smarter to choose a friend, don’t let them bring us in a worst direction, because your FUTURE IS DEPEND ON YOUR FRIENDS AND YOUR ENVIRONMENT.

That’s all, thank you for your attantion, wasallam.

ya Allah, i wish i could get the best one.

finally, i'm the winner of this year speech contest among the students in my school.

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