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recently browsing, good invention :)

Diposting oleh Resty Maudina di 9.5.13
            Hii guys, long time no see. Huft, busy cause of my daily course. BUT today I decided to share these info, because for me it’s a good invention anyway.
When I read articles in dailymail.co.uk, forum.compas.com, I found these articles.
            First, Mr Pearce found and reinvented the wheel of bike. He said that he’s inspired to do this idea when he saw a mother  try and push a child in a buggy up a kerb.
'In 2007 I was sitting in an airport in Holland, and I noticed when a mother pushed a pushchair against a kerb, the baby was pushed forward.
            The Loopwheel works using three heavy duty springs instead of spokes. When the rider hits a bump, the springs compress to give a smooth ride
The biggest problem we've found so far is that you tend to ride through bumps quickly, slowing down for corners becomes a problem and you end up riding so fast.

             Second, the california scientists had already create glowing plants using fireflies and glow worms. They want to extend this research and create alternative to electric street lightning. The genes used in the Glowing Plant project are taken from glow worms and fireflies that create natural light through what's called bioluminescence. The genes are added to agrobacteria, and this agrobacteria transfers these genes to the plants, which makes them glow-in-the-dark.
            The team were inspired by fireflies and glow worms that both produce what's called bioluminescence. Bioluminescence is the process that makes these creatures produce naturally-occurring light from their bodies. 
The team start off by getting glowing protein enzymes called Luciferase, from the genes of fireflies or from bacteria. 
They then use software called Genome Compiler to make it possible for the plants to read what those genes are. 
The genes are then made in labs and shipped to the team in California. 
            Evans and his team put these genes into liquid agrobacteria and the bacteria is poured over the plants. Agrobacteria is able to transfer genes into plants, and when these glowing genes are added, they are transferred to the plants, which makes them glow-in-the-dark.  
To create these genes, the scientists have had to redesign the DNA sequence.
They have successfully managed to create small glowing plants and are now asking for extra funding, via a Kickstarter campaign, to use the technology on larger plants and trees.
The campaign ends on 7 June.So far it has had more than 5,000 backers and raised over £183,000.
             Third, indonesian collegers invented batteries made from Kaktus Centong (Opuntia cochenillifera). the proccess of making this batteries is easy anyway. The cactus were blended first, then put in on the batteries place, put bot anode and cathode polar made by zinc. Each cels contain 1,6 volt. 2 batteries called batuscen connected paralel release energy untill 19,2 volt as we need it to switch 25 LED lamp or a digital clock. Needed 12 cactus for 2 batteries.

I wonder if these invention will be mass producted and be a usefull for human life , especially replace the street lamp with glowing plants.  :D

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