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Tasty Tasted Dream My Lovely Country (Padang)

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Here I am, right now. And I’ve already taste all padang traditional food and I love it soooo much, even it’s been my daily dishes since I was born. Lol. Minang cuisine is the dishes I loved the most.

For the main menuuu >>>

Cancang, it’s a unique spices of gulai mutton ( goat meat ). The goat meat boiled till get soft with specified spices such onion, garlic, red chili, kemiri, clove, turmeric, ginger, lemongrass, etc.

Dendeng balado, it’s a crispy thin slices of dried beef and deep fried which sauteed by bumbu balado ( red chili spices ).

Dendeng batokok or dendeng lambok, it’s a boiled thin slices of beef which beaten in the cobek till its soft marinated with coconut oil or coconut water boiled great enough, then sauteed with some spices ingridients. Some restaurants sauteed with some cut of green chilli, but if made myself and mom, means in few places it can be red chilies, not the green chilli ones.

Fried baluik, it’s a crispy eel sauteed with few spices.

Fried ikan bilih, it’s a traditional meals and main menu of ikan bili which most of minang loved.

Gulai itiak, it’s a gulai of young fresh duck mixed with all spices such ginger, turmeric, laos, green chilli, orange leaves, turmeric leaves, and daun salam.

Gulai kambiang, it’s a coconut milk cooked with some unique spices with goat meat inside.

Gulai paku, it’s a coconut milk cooked with some unique spices with vegetable fern inside.

Gulai pucuk ubi, it’s a coconut milk cooked with some unique spices with cassava leaves inside.

Gulai tunjang, it’s a cut of boneless cow foot which had been boiled till it’s soft and cooked with coconut oil, orange leaves, asam kandis, lemongrass, etc.

Ikan baka, it’s a traditionally baked fish which had been marinated with lime juice, coconut milk and some specified spices.

Kalio, it’s a tasty variation of rendang *honesty I prefer kalio than rendang sometimes*. It’s a half dried fried of beef which had been cooked with coconut milk, grilled red chilli, ginger, laos, onion and garlic, orange leaves, daun salam and turmeric leaves.

Katupek pitalah, it’s a katupek ( rice cooked in coconut leaves cube ) with gulai ( coconut milk cooked with some spices and vegetable such as raddish, bamboo sprout and fibers on jackfruit. Served with boiled egg and kerupuk on it.

Nasi kapau, it’s a table of some minang food dishes choice which we can choose ourself. Contain most of dishes ive explain here.

Palai bada, it’s a grater coconut baked with ikan bada in bamboo. You’ll find it where theres ikan baka.

Pical, it’s a loveable mixture of some steamed vegetables, katupek, eggs and noodles which marinated with fried peanut grilled *looked a crude pasta* with kerupuk on the top.

Rendang, it’s a famous spicy traditional small cut beef made with coconut milk and full of  traditional spicies.

Sambalado tanak, it’s a coconut red chilli grilled mixture with some spices cooked together with quail eggs and mlanding beans (petai) for the good smelling.

Satay padang, it’s a fabulous fantastic tasty ever dishes. It’s a small cut of chicken or goat meat stabbed in a stick then baked traditionally and marinated with unique spesific condensed minang sauce ( poridge-like texture )contained some chillies and spices in.

For the meals and drink >>>



Bubur kacang hijau
Bubur kampiun, a bowl of kolak banana, candil, poridge marrow and black sticky rice.


Es campua

Es tebak

Galamai, it’s a mixture like dodol made by stickyrice flour, brown sugar, and coconut milk.

Karak kaliang/ karupuak angko dalapan, it’s a kerupuk cassava.

Karupuak jangek, it’s a cow skin which had been dried under sunshine then fried.

Karupuak sanjai, it’s a kerupuk made from thin slices of cassava. There’s original sanjai, theres balado sanjai ( marinated red chilli * sweet or spicy * ), and saka sanjai ( marinated with brown sugar ).

Katan durian, it’s a plate of sticky rice with durian and the sauce at the top.

Keripik bawang, it’s a kerupuk that the dough made by some onions, flour, and other spices.

Kipang kacang, it’s a cube of peanut deep marinated on brown sugar.

Kolak kundua, it’s a pumpkin cooked with coconut milk and few traditional ingridients.

Kue pukis

Kue putu, it’s a dough of flour mixture with some ingridients filled with crude grilled brown sugar and served with coconut grater on it.

Kue sapik/ semprong, it’s a crispy sweet rollcrackers.

Lamang tapai, it’s a sticky rice baked on the bamboo.

Lemper ayam, it’s a wrapped sticky rice filled with chicken.

Pensi, it’s a sauteed clam or scallop or oyster widely named corbicula moltkiana.

Pergedel jagung, it’s a grilled fresh corn mixed with flour red chillies, peppers, salts, daun sop, and onions.

Pinang juice

Putri selat, it’s a mixture of rice flour and coconut milk on the top of white sticky rice.

Rakik maco, it’s a crispy oval spices crips filled with fish.

Sala lauak, it’s a yellow orange oval salty spices cake which dough made by flour, red chillies, turmeric, daun sop and tho other ingridients.

Sarabi, its like panukuk or pancake.

Sarang balam, crispy 3D oval web.

The talua, it’s a combination of tea with whisk egg.

Tojin peanuts


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