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the effect of girlband booming (ahhahaha)

Diposting oleh Resty Maudina di 6.4.12
Yup ladies and gentlement, last night I watched one of my favo tv talkshow “bukan empat mata” with phenomenon host “ mas re re reeenaldi *tukul2 aja mas”.

It begins when he introduced Indonesian Girlband ( huah, I dislike gb actually, not too interest ), but it’s a bit weird when he said the member of this girlband were half of century years old (what’s ?), their genre is java song in minor tune plus theateristic. then I continued watch, and finally the girlband appear. Tadaa !!

oh my god, grandma, what are you doing ? ahahahhahahahahaha

this girlband called SAHITA. they sang truly amazing, in the first time I can’t believe, are they sure this is girlband ? ahahhaha, but after listened their voice, it’s fabulous guys. Unfrotunately, my digital cam battre was lowbat, so the quality of the pic is not good. Nah this girl band member names also contain java acent Tingtong ( fortunately not ting ting ), Atik, Inong, Cempluk.

Yup closed up

Mr. Tukul as Host also shocked, hahahhaha, and make some jokes during the talking. Then they challenged to show their ability one by one by sing a song.

and the result is amazing

Let’s give our grandma girlband applause

This is really good creativity, I support this girlband, why ? because this girlband keep our culture such java song, and give some theateristic show, keep our culture from another country. Don’t let them copy paste our culture. Oh yeaahhh, grandma GANBATTE !!

pic by my jadul handphone :D

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