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worst day ever

Diposting oleh Resty Maudina di 28.1.12
oh my God,
( my first personal notes in this blog )
Today is the first day i've almost get lost in ICT competition in my school. I don't know exactly is it unlucky or totally i was a fool. i brought my team (res, deza, cheli) in "acute situation" haha. can i laugh right now ? absolutely i can't, even if i watch comedy. it's makes me crazy at all. "you have to be the best" that's what ( people surrounding ) said to us. although it's sound like a supporting, but what i feel it's like a bomb that i have to take care or it will explode and kill me. i don't wanna make them dissapointed with me. i don't know what to say, but i wanna tell you bloggers this is really giving me a hard knock.
first, i embarrassed my self when i was answering " 65536" damn, i didn't realize that they asked the total of coloumn in excel, i guess they ask the total of rows. * this is the easiest one, res, you can answer arithmatic and logical unit but can't answer this easy question properly* how could you become the clever girl? or are you deaf ? or because of nervous agitation ?
second, we only answer 1 question among 5 at the beginning, then we ( chel dez res ) answer the grabbing question*the first push their bell, they can answer the given question, in 5 seconds*. i got my spirit again when i can increase my team score , but i lost my spirit again, when i answered wrong, it decrease my score, 100 point for one mistake. finally i can only make 300 point, and fortunately only my team and "X" team got the best score. so there's 2 team could go to the next competition with the other winner. 300 ? is it the best ? it's the worst. when i was in first grade i and my team ( chel dez ) can make it to 900 point. it's a big bang, for me, cheli, deza, all my classmate, all my teacher.
today, absolutely i was making a success big mistake that make all of people surrounding me, dissapoint. But, with all of my best effort, i will try to give the best i could do for next semifinal competition and repair the score , especially for my class development.
* go to final, yeyyyeeyye*

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