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speech "internet" by Resty Maudina S

Diposting oleh Resty Maudina di 14.12.11

gara" mendadak disuruh ikut lomba pidato, jadi gini deh :D

Assalamualaikum wr.wb

Good morning all

The honorable the judges, the honorable my teachers, the honorable my seniors and my beloved friends . We must give thanks to our god, because of god’s blessing we can stand here today . First of all , I would like to introduce my self. My name is Resty Maudina S from sma n 1 ma. Bungo.
first of all thanks for the opportunity that given to me ,
Today I will deliver a speech about effect of internet to teenager.

Internet is a word we always hear anywhere, esppecially for teenager. We love technology world so much. We can access internet anywhere by handphone that provide internet connection and browsers or we can find “internet cafĂ©” in each corner of this regency. There’s no distance anymore in this world, people says. So what is the relationship between this development of digital technology and teenager as a student ?

Of course there’s relatinship between both of them, internet contain so many knowledge besides knowledge is students dailyneed. Of course, internet strongly support the teaching and lerning proccess.

1. We can access the development of technology, knowledge and actual news.

2. Also we can find some flash animation and short video to presented our presentation task for example by adding short video of material transportation from and to cell.

3. We can get actual knowledge wider, because the sources come from all the country in this world not only indonesia.

4. It can make the education communication between teacher and student easier outside the class. For example we can send our semester task to the teacher by email.

5. We can make internet as the electronic library. Some sites contain online book so we can read the book only by visiting the sites.

6. It help us find some reference for finishing our task by education sites, such as wikipedia, google or yahoo.

7. As the sociaal networking, we can communicate by some software such as facebook, twitter or even meet new people in this world and sharing some knowledge.

8. We also can make it as disccussion place to share some experiences, knowledge, school, even headline topic by mailing list.

Absolutely, where there’s a good effect, there’s also bad effect. Some students didn’t use this facilities properly. They use it for watching something that we shouldn’t watch or ”pornography”, it will disturb our concentrate in teaching and learning proccess. Also play “game online all time” until they forgot how many hours they can use for play the game, how many hours they can use for study.

However, not all students do so.
Teens who hang out with the internet daily would be more responsible to changing information surrounding them, adolescents who have a tendency to negative things that will only appear passive because only enslaved by the bad things from the internet.

Therefore it would be nice if we can wisely use this facility in something positive for ourselves and our personal advancement, and as teenagers we should all be able to operate the technology well and do not ever try to accept with open arms some negative impact on the Internet such as pornography because Once You Start, It's Hard to Stop, so throw away the useless cyber Things only take the benefit of the internet.

and finally i am the winner :D:D:D makasiiii ya allah, dan semua yg udah mendukung aku ;)

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